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Teen Confirmation

This final Sacrament of Initiation helps us practice our Catholic faith daily and live out our baptismal call to witness Christ in every situation.  At St. Barnabas Church, youth are confirmed upon completion of the two-year Confirmation Ministry, in 10th grade or later.  The Sacrament of Confirmation is needed “for the completion of baptismal grace” (Catechism, 1285) and signifies the commitment of an individual to live out, in a permanent way, their Catholic faith.  Confirmation is a release of the Holy Spirit in our lives and gives us the grace to live the Christian life as well as become witnesses to Christ in the world.  Knowledge about the Catholic faith and the experience of living as a committed Catholic Christian is crucial.  Both ingredients – understanding and experience – are necessary before one is admitted to reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

For that reason, part of the preparation is monthly participation in our Sunday Life Nights (Year One) and Confirmation Small Christian Communities (Year Two).


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