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Endowment Fund

The St. Barnabas Endowment Fund provides a strategic way for parishioners to make financial gifts toward the long-term stability of the parish and school. It is a professionally managed, tax-exempt fund that invests principal donations and disperses the income and appreciation while perpetually preserving the initial investment.

This Endowment Fund is the cornerstone for continuing our St. Barnabas Catholic community. Investments will enable the parish to drive its vision and mission, grow with the needs of the community, and leave a strong heritage for future generations. Learn today about how your contributions can have a lasting impression at St. Barnabas.

A legacy gift to the St. Barnabas Endowment Fund is a form of charitable giving that allows you to make current and/or future gifts to benefit the St. Barnabas Parish and School. Gifts can ensure that your values and dreams continue to support the mission of our Catholic Community. Legacy Gifts of any amount are welcome, and can be made all at once, over a period of several years, or as part of your final bequest.

Let St. Barnabas Help Guide You
Whether you already have your own financial advisor or if you are managing your assets on your own, St. Barnabas has a team of parishioners who are professional financial advisors and can answer questions you may have. Let us help you make certain that your desired lifestyle remains the same while exploring ways to maximize your charitable gift today. We can help you identify your capacity to give in a private, confidential manner.

Benefits of Making a Gift to the St. Barnabas Endowment Fund:

Enable the parish to sustain its vision and mission as it fulfills the needs of the community
Leave a lasting legacy
May reduce your current income taxes and/or future estate taxes
Allows you to control how your gift can be directed within the Endowment
How do you make a gift to the Endowment?
With the help of an advisor, determine if the best time for you to give is now or in the future. After reviewing your current situation, the following assets may be a source for your gift:

• Cash Gifts

• Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

• Closely Held Stocks

• Life Insurance – existing policy or by beneficiary

• Real Estate

• Personal Property

• Retirement Fund Assets – IRA’s, 403(b), 401k, 457 plan, TSP

• Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) – taxable or non-taxable

• Estate Bequest – through a Will or Trust

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