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Parish Communications Request


If you are a Parish Ministry Leader of one of the many ministries of this Parish and you have a communications/marketing request, please complete THIS FORM.

Main reasons for why you might complete the form:

  • Your ministry would like a general announcement placed in the bulletin or other communication platform.
  • Your ministry has an upcoming event you would like the parish to know about.

To ensure that your request will be reviewed and fulfilled, please avoid submitting requests during these timeframes due to upcoming holidays:

  • 3/25/24 - 3/31/24 (Easter)
  • 7/1/24 - 7/7/24 (4th of July)
  • 11/25/24 - 12/1/24 (Thanksgiving)
  • 12/21/24 - 1/2/25 (Christmas and New Year's)