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The Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation is meant to be a very personal encounter with the healing and forgiving love of Jesus Christ. Jesus has given us this sacrament because He is very aware of the fact that it is a very healing thing for us to be able to put into words our sinfulness and express those words to another person, to get them outside of ourselves and to be assured of the forgiveness of God. It is also an opportunity to get a little encouragement and guidance in our spiritual lives.

The opportunity is offered on a regularly scheduled basis.  See Reconciliation times here: Mass Times/Office Hours - St. Barnabas Parish. Try to remember that we are not doing God a favor when we make use of the Sacraments, but rather God does us the favor of providing them for us to help in the growth and development of our spiritual lives, but they can only be those helps if we choose to make use of them.

Reconciliation for Children

Please see the First Holy Communion page for information about First Reconciliation. First Holy Communion - St. Barnabas Parish.